Your metabolism, explained: How to strengthen the system of burning body fat and losing weight

There is a microscopic chemical laboratory in each of your cells, which works all day to convert food into fuel. This is how the impact of this process on your energy and your weight and even your mood – in addition to tips on how to make the metabolism faster and more complete as much as possible.

So, what is the metabolism?
Think of it as an engine in the cells that keep it alive. Gasoline car you are working on calories, which are units of energy. You burn most of these calories through your body once you do your job: to provide fuel for the heart cells and keep the blood pumping, and Raadtk in circulating blood, lungs and the work of the digestive system and the bands of your brain to breathe in the ring (in fact, your mind needs only 420 calories a day only to continue the work). You always burn calories, even while you sleep. Is that how it works:

1. You eat food.

2. Your body divides it into the simplest forms of carbohydrates, proteins and fats.

3. The calories in those ingredients are converted into energy, which your cells and tissues use to grow and repair themselves.

We know what you really want to know: is there any way to burn more, to get a faster metabolism process? The answer is yes. Start with what you eat and how to move, more about these two that come. Other factors

Genetics: You can have a metabolism faster or slower in a natural way, although the lifestyle still has a great impact.

Stress: Long-term stress is called hormones that spoil digestion so that food is not used efficiently.

Sleep: this is critical. When your body is briefly changed to a zzz, it is placed in maintenance mode to burn fewer calories.

What affects your metabolic rate?
It is lunch time! When the body breaks down food, the brain receives feedback signals – from nutrients, hormones, and how much it moves – and “decide” whether to use calories at that time or store. This affects the decision:

Oats and fresh grapes
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The amount of food you eat: You will get more calories than you need, and much of what is not used in storing body fat.

When you eat: cook every 3 to 4 hours about your metabolism. It can also be a feature of calories that are charged by: people who are leaning away breakfast increased  Keto Trim ghrelin hunger improved at one in the afternoon, including Indtheron before bedtime. This can interrupt sleep, which complicates your metabolism.

What you eat: skip the simple nutrients low in carbohydrates. They were so quickly digested that they launched a series of metabolic reactions that quickly left you hungry again. Generally you will eat more, hello, extra pounds! Below is a combination of complex carbohydrates and fibrous proteins, which will keep you whole until you eat less.

Can food burn fat? Is not true
If you believe that what you see elsewhere on the Internet, you might think that there is a lot of Alaajazat that eliminate hunger. Only Lu! Here is the truth …

Water with lemon
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Water with lemon: a very hot or very cold drink can help to increase the metabolism, but the effect takes only 30 to 40 minutes after drinking it. However, good hydration is crucial to maintaining a healthy weight. If adding some lemon helps you do it, go to him.

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