What is a respirator?

Breathing the box is a powerful, yet simple technique that helps you relax and breathe again at your normal rhythm. This breathing exercise can help get rid of the mind, relax the body and improve focus.
This technique is also known as “restrain” or breathe with four squares. Easy to do, and learning speed, technology can be very effective for people in difficult situations.

People with high-pressure jobs, Keto Blaze such as soldiers and police, often wear the respirator when their bodies are in combat or flight mode. This technique is also suitable for anyone who is interested in redirecting or improving their concentration.

Read on to discover the four simple steps needed to master master breathing and to learn more about other deep breathing techniques.

Breathing method box
Breathing a box is a simple technique that anyone can do anywhere, even in the office or in the cafeteria. Before starting, people should sit with their backs on a comfortable chair and their feet on the floor.

Close your eyes Breathe through your nose with the count up to four slowly. Feel the air entering your lungs.
Hold the breath inside you and count slowly up to four. Try not to close your mouth or your nose closed. Simply avoid inhalation or exhale for 4 seconds.
Begin to exhale slowly for 4 seconds.
Repeat steps 1 to 3 at least three times. Ideally, repeat the three steps for 4 minutes or until calm returns.
If someone finds the technique difficult at first, he may try to count to three instead of four. Once someone uses this technique, they can choose to count to five or six.

Mark Divine is a former SEAL naval commander who has been using this technique since 1987. In the video below, he describes how to use the breathing box.

Why breathing is vital for health
A woman with closed eyes breathed
The breathing of the box can help positively affect emotions and mental integrity.
Restraint, or work to make the breath sleep, is good for the mind and the body.

The unconscious body or autonomic nervous system refers to functions that occur without thinking, such as a heartbeat or a stomach that digests food. This system can be in the case of combat, flight or digestion and digestion.

In a combat or escape mode, the body feels threatened and interacts to help the person escape or avoid a dangerous situation. Among other things, the body secretes hormones to make the heart beat faster, breathing to accelerate and to increase blood sugar levels.

However, the presence of this stress condition often active, or for a long time, has serious consequences for health. The physical effect of this condition can cause corrosion and damage to all organs of the body.

Long-term stress can increase the risk of conditions that include:

High blood pressure
Heart attack

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