Weight loss without starvation

Weight loss without starvation
Healthy weight loss without starvation is the desire of many overweight people. Also, not all overweight people want to lose weight in a healthy way, but they also want to lose weight permanently. How can you lose weight in a healthy, permanent and without starving yourself, stay fit and feel good, you will learn here.
Dieting does not help you lose weight
More and more people experience a painful experience that, despite its large measures, such as a strict diet, the FDH method, which calculates calories, etc., after a low weight loss at the beginning, there is a greater loss of weight. You can not lose weight permanently.

The resulting frustration always causes interruptions of the diet in the short term. This is good, because with these so-called “successful meals”, ToneSlim¬†weight loss will not work. In addition, stale food systems can cause significant health problems.
Why not lose weight?
Causes of failure of most multi-use diets.

Usually, the excessively low calorie content is combined with unhealthy foods or special tremors of weight loss that slow down the metabolism of those affected in the long term, so that one can no longer lose weight even with a minimum of calories.

Weight loss without starvation

In addition, there is often a lack of exercise and lack of enzymes in the food.

For example, the following foods provide only a few or no enzymes:

Non-dehydrated food (cooked, frozen, microwave, etc.)
Industrially produced foods (ready meals, etc.)
Food Chemical additives
Sugary foods and much more
At the same time, we rarely eat foods that contain a lot of enzymes and, therefore, will be very important to lose weight. What includes:

Fresh fruit
Raw vegetables (not only lettuce, but also raw root and cabbage)
Health authorities
Peanuts (without salt)
The difference between the factors of future (not heated and active) and nutrients (which change the nature of strong industrial processing) is mainly focused on the presence or absence of nutrients and enzymes.

Digestive enzymes support combustion
The use of food is a metabolic process in which many digestive enzymes participate. They divide the food and cut it so that it can be released into the bloodstream through the mucosa of the small intestine.

In this way, the nutrients are provided to the individual members. Each digestive enzyme has its specific task:

Lipases work to break down fat
Proteins build body proteins
Amylases reduce strength

Enzymatic deficiency hinders weight loss
Of course, the body itself forms the digestive enzymes it needs, for example. In the mucous membrane of the mouth, stomach, intestines and pancreas.

However, if enzymatically active foods are eaten (and chewed completely), they can be digested and used better.

On the other hand, foods that are processed industrially and that are low in the enzyme usually provide too many calories and too little fiber, so they can only be used improperly and are instead stored in body tissues, such as fat (slag) ).

People who have a higher proportion of fat cells due to the lack of foods rich in enzymes tend to gain weight much faster than people who are part of fat cells.

In order to balance the diets of poor enzymes, in addition to increasing the supply of enzymes, active enzyme foods can also be taken as a dietary supplement.

Apart from that, the success or failure of your diet also depends on the condition of the intestinal plants.

Build the intestinal flora and finally lose weight
Meanwhile, it has been known that people who gain or lose weight easily, no matter how they try the diet, in some intestinal plants protect some intestinal bacteria that lack the intestinal plants of thin people.

Intestinal bacteria can get fat until the fiber is digested and turned into fat. It is the same fiber that is excreted unchanged in thin people with stools.

Takaful (the formation of intestinal flora with probiotics, for example Combi Flora and / or Hulup) helps regulate the formation of intestinal flora in a way that allows weight recovery. Increase fat, protect muscles, with plant proteins
In the diet often you eat very little, even very little protein. This can be useful if you have already consumed so much animal protein and already suffer from chronic diseases that can be associated with excess proteins (gout, kidney stones, atherosclerosis, etc.).

But it can also decrease the number of calories in a diet and the small amounts of protein that

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