Vitamin supplements during pregnancy reduce the risk of autism

If multiple vitamin supplements are Rapid Tone Shark Tank taken early in pregnancy, this procedure seems to reduce the risk of autism. For mothers who did not take vitamin supplements, they had an increased risk of having an autistic child, according to a study published in the British Medical Journal in October 2017. Although the evidence is still unclear, researchers, but it is important to continue in this address, As is a very simple procedure that can be easily performed by any pregnant mother.

Vitamin supplements during pregnancy reduce the risk of autism

Vitamins in pregnancy affect the risk of autism
The number of people with autism increases continuously for several years. In the United Kingdom, it is said that 1% of the population is autistic. In the United States, autism affects 2 to 3 percent of children. It is believed that the disease develops in the uterus, just as diet during pregnancy may have some effect on the risk of autism.

An international team of researchers has recently investigated whether dietary supplements (folic acid, iron, and multiple vitamin supplements) during pregnancy can affect the risk of autism. We analyzed data from more than 273,000 couples of mothers and children from Stockholm / Sweden for this purpose using three different methods. The children were between 4 and 15 years old and were born between 1996 and 2007.

The protective effect of vitamin supplements
Multivitamins (with or without iron / folic acid) were associated with a lower risk of autism (compared to mothers who did not take multivitamin preparations). While a study by the University of Calfornia on autism showed a good protective effect of consuming pure folic acid (800 micrograms per day before conception and in the first months of pregnancy), it was only discovered that vitamin supplements were protective in This studio.

From the use of different analytical methods, all of which have led to the same result, the scientists involved have excluded potentially confusing factors that could seriously distort the result. Of course, because of their studies, researchers can not now advise pregnant women about multivitamins, but they recommend that their colleagues conduct random tests so they can make practical recommendations as soon as possible.

Other risk factors for autism
While folic acid supplements and vitamins seem to reduce the risk of autism during pregnancy, asthma, acetaminophen (antidepressants) and antidepressants, when taken by a pregnant woman, are associated with an increased risk of autism:

Autism due to medications for asthma in pregnancy
Autism due to antidepressants in pregnancy
Autism due to paracetamol in pregnancy

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