The diet works very well

The diet works very well, loses the desired kilograms and feels comfortable. After the diet, do not take much time, and soon you will be at the same weight before the diet. The impact of the notorious Uyo was hit. In November 2016, the researchers showed that the intestinal plants were responsible for the oil’s effect. At the same time, scientists have provided a way to completely eliminate the influence of the yo-yo.

The intestinal flora is the cause of the oil effect.
Researchers at the Weizmann Institute of Sciences inĀ Keto Viante Israel published at the end of November 2016, and the results of the study showed that the intestinal bacteria of Lalioi have a responsible effect. The formation of intestinal bacteria – Researchers – Toys with large equipment unexpectedly If the weight is reached The diet can last long term. With the help of new results, we hope to prevent or treat the effect of yo-yo in the future.

The effect of yo-yo means that excess weight gets bigger and bigger
Some people experience the effect of the yo-yo many times in the course of their lives without seeming to find a way out. After solid meals and deprivation have reached the desired weight at the end, and within a short time, the original obesity has returned. Yes, worse It is not uncommon, and the increasing frequency after each diet, also increases the percentage of body fat and, therefore, increases the risk of eventually suffering all the health problems of the metabolic syndrome: hypertension, diabetes, fatty liver and lipid disorder in the blood.

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