Sunbathing is healthy

Sunbathing is healthy, because those who like to lie in the sun live longer than those who avoid the sun. This is hard to believe. After all, sunbathing should dramatically increase the risk of skin cancer: skin cancer can be fatal. Although he warns that always against the supposedly dangerous sun, now only those who indicate abandoning caution and loving the sunĀ Tevida seem to live longer. Yes, avoiding exposure to the sun is a health hazard that should not be underestimated.


Sun Health – Sun as a therapist

One wonders how solar baths can be healthy, because it is considered a danger to maximum health, as it leads to skin cancer, so it is said. On the other hand, the sun provides vitamin D, which is a deficient hormone in most people in the north.


However, the lack of vitamin D increases the riskĀ Tevida CANADA of almost any disease, and if it already exists, it makes it difficult to cure. Then what do you do? Sun and vitamin D to refuel? Or better avoid the sun to prevent skin cancer?


A Swedish study published in March 2016 in the Journal of Internal Medicine tried to find an answer to these questions. He studied how sunspots can affect life expectancy.












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