Natural blood glands

Thinning of blood prevents blood clotting and therefore prevents clotting. Otherwise, it can lead to a blockage of blood vessels as a result of disorders, heart attacks and strokes. But anticoagulants do not lack side effects. Severe hemorrhage can occur, and bones suffer and become more prone to dementia. Natural blood blockers keep blood healthy and protective without side effects. We offer the best natural anticoagulants.

Characteristics of natural blood – Who?
Cardiovascular diseases kill most people around the world. To prevent premature death from heart attacks, strokes and fullness, millions of people regularly ingest blood solvents.

But there are also many foods, herbs, spices and supplements that can act as natural anticoagulants.

However, anyone who already has anticoagulant medications should not simply stop it and turn to the natural solvents in the blood. Because natural anticoagulants are not easy to dose. Radiantly Slim Diet No one knows how much is needed to achieve this or that effect.

Of course, you can analyze the use of natural anticoagulants with your GP or physiotherapist. This may allow you to gradually reduce the dose of the anticoagulant medication.

Therefore, normal blood characteristics are especially suitable for people who wish to prevent and improve their blood flow so as not to be embarrassed by the use of blood-soluble pharmaceuticals.
Dilute blood to the heirs of a Neanderthal man
But if the child has already fallen into the well and needs blood solvents, it may be due to the primordial human Neanderthal genes. John Capra of Vanderbilt University in Nashville and his team discovered that Neanderthal had not become extinct. Because a little primitive man in each one of us.

Capra noted that some of our genes are derived from Neandertals, Radiantly Slim such as genes to increase blood clotting.

In ancient times, this gene was very useful due to the continuous causation of wounds. The less bleeding (the faster the blood), the better the chances of survival. Neanderthal also did a lot of exercise and was very rich in nutrients and rich in antioxidants: healthy conditions for the blood vessels and adequate blood flow.

But in today’s comfortable lifestyle, the Neanderthal gene is more than anything else. We become obsolete, we move a bit and we sooner or later feed on the blood vessels of restrictions and confusion. If blood clots are now caused by an increased tendency to clot, they can block one or other of the blood vessels and cause blood clots, embolisms, heart attacks and strokes.

Many modern humans should take anticoagulants at some point in their lives. As in atrial fibrillation, coronary heart disease, peripheral vascular disease (PVK), heart failure, past myocardial infarction or cerebrovascular accident, in heart valve failure or even if the artificial heart valve is used.

Anticoagulants: coumarin, heparin and AAS
The term thinness of the blood is somewhat vague because the blood is not really dilated. The drugs only prevent the blood from clotting. However, the term “anticoagulant” is also widely used in the vernacular language and, therefore, is easy for everyone to understand, and we use it in this article, even if it is technically incorrect.

Since the various processes are involved in the coagulation of blood, anticoagulants can also reduce blood clotting through completely different mechanisms and, therefore, thin the blood.

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