L-arginine to develop muscles and strength

It has long been known in sports circles: The amino acid L-arginine brings a significant increase in performance in a very short time – not only in the sports hall, gym, but also in bed. Because L-arginine promotes muscle growth, at the same time, burning fat also ensures better blood circulation. Decrease the amount of oxygen required and increase the level of performance. If there is high blood pressure, it can be reduced. By the way, L-arginine is not in the flesh, but in the pumpkin seeds.

With L-arginine increases the efficiency
L-arginine is a non-essential amino acid. This means that our body can also produce L-arginine. But it does not always work in sufficient quantity.

In situations of high stress or physical or mental illness or periods of intensive stress training, it may happen that arginine suddenly becomes a scarce commodity, and as a result, our performance decreases rapidly, regardless of the desired location. If L-arginine is intentionally supplied
L-arginine to build muscle, immune system and fat burning
In a study at the University of Exeter (EU), scientists discovered that L-arginine can increase athletic performance by 20 percent and improve career times by up to 2 percent.

The reason for this surprising effect is that L-arginine promotes the secretion of growth hormones, which leads to muscle growth, but also activates the immune system and even increases fat burning.

L-arginine instead of Viagra
Since nitric oxide (NO) is produced in the man’s corpora of L-arginine, which in turn ensures better blood circulation, regular intake of L-arginine leads to an erection increase.

If you are also considering the Powerknolle Maca and Cordyceps mushrooms, which have a very positive effect on libido and strength, there should be no mistake at this stage.

The medical fungus improves the blood circulation Keto Trim of Cordyceps in the penis, regulates the family of sex hormones and also improves, with makas, the quality of the seed.
L-arginine increases levels of nitric oxide
Nitric oxide is an important substance produced by the body from L-arginine. It regulates blood flow, fights harmful microorganisms and also plays an important role in cell communication.

In addition, nitric oxide helps distribute nutrients in muscle tissue, one of the reasons why the level of NO in athletes increases to higher performance. At the same time, L-arginine is also a source of collagen, connective tissue, important enzymes and hormones.

L arginine in the search
L-arginine was tested in a group of healthy men. Not only did he find a better level of performance, he also discovered that L-arginine seemed to help lower blood pressure and reduce the amount of oxygen required during exercise.

Research has shown that the use of L-arginine in the form of a dietary supplement has led to a significant increase in performance by changing the absorption of oxygen during exercise.
Said Professor Andrew Jones of the School of Sports and Health Sciences of the University of Exeter.

This is especially important for endurance athletes, because we believe that with the help of L-arginine, the times of the best athletes can also be improved by one or two percent. Although these figures seem small, but between one and two percent of elite sports represents an extraordinary increase in performance, where there is often only a small fraction of a second between winners and losers.

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