Kakavraut is the home of the tropics

Cacaya: origin and use
Kakavraut is the home of the tropics, especially in Asia. However, it still prevails in other tropical regions, such as in South America, where the Cacifret in Brazil is almost income, as it threatens to displace indigenous trees. The cakes are the real weight. It weighs 10 to 20 kg, but in extreme cases it can reach 50 kg. The fruit of the polyvalent kakaias in Europe is usually packaged in small portions as an alternative to meat in commerce.

Jackfruit: heavy weight of the tropics
Cacafari (Artocarpus heterophyllus lam.) It is a member of the family of raspberries and native to India, where it is located in the main feeding place. However, cocoa is now grown in all the tropics of the world. The main growing countries are India, Bangladesh, Thailand, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Nepal.

Jacques’s name derives from Malay Shaka, which simply¬†Rvxadryl means “round” and refers to the shape of the fruit. Kugelrund the kakaya is not yet, rather oval.
The largest fruit tree in the world
They are also very large and heavy fruits, but they are the largest fruit trees in the world. The weight of the kakfruit can be up to 1 meter and weigh around 20 kg. Even data of up to 50 kg per fruit distributed in the network.

It takes around 180 days until the grapefruit reaches this size and becomes mature. As the branch can barely support the weight, it grows directly on the trunk. The tree contains 30 fruits.

Another distinguishing characteristic of caviar is the shell without shell. It varies from green to yellow during the maturation process. As with many fruits, the maturity of the cacao only recognizes the color, but also the fragrance: the more aroma of the fruit, the more ripe it is.

Chips and liquors
Ripe fruit is usually eaten as a dessert. However, dehydrated in the form of “kakaya chips” is also available. Of course, kakaya is also processed in alcohol, a special liquor.

Edible granules
It can be used as pancakes, which reach the size of Brazilian nuts. They are crushed in flour, especially in India, and used to make Alababadam (thin fried cakes, originally made from lentil flour) and Chaabata (Indian flatbread, mostly based on wheat flour). Toasted, it serves as an appetizer and boiled curry.

Immature cocoa instead of rice
The fruit is immature and has no flavor and almost nothing. They taste very dry or sour, as with most other fruits. This property allowed them to be processed into all kinds of dishes in this immature form.

Simply peel the fruit, remove the seeds and cook the vegetables or place the pulp in the Indian gherkin, an important part of Indian cuisine.

Due to the high content of starch, the immature kakaya is like an accompaniment instead of the usual Asian rice.

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