However, it can be read almost everywhere

Titanium dioxide – non-toxic or harmful
However, it can be read almost everywhere that titanium dioxide is not toxic and is not altered.

Another study refutes this opinion again. According to researchers from the French National Institute of Agricultural Research (INRA) in the Journal of Scientific Reports (January 2017), when taking titanium dioxide orally, at first benign tumors develop that can develop into malignant tumors.

For 100 days, they mixed titanium dioxide in the drinking water of the rats, in the doses that people consume daily in food and cosmetics.

Titanium dioxide accumulates in the body.
Previous studies conducted by the International Agency for Research on Cancer have shown that the inhalation of titanium dioxide is carcinogenic. Because the particles can enter the bloodstream through the lungs, liver, spleen, kidneys, heart and even into the brain through the lungs.

Even after four weeks of inhalation, the nanoparticles were still present inĀ Testo Drive 365 the same amounts as on the first day, suggesting that the material accumulates in the body and can not be easily discharged.

Titanium dioxide destroys the intestines and weakens the immune system.
However, the current study is the first to treat the potential cancer of the substance in oral intake. In it, the researchers found that titanium dioxide is absorbed by the intestine and absorbed into the bloodstream. With the blood, the substance now reaches all parts of the body. The precursors begin first in the intestine after a regular intake of titanium dioxide. At the same time, the immune system weakens the material, making it more susceptible to other diseases.

Regular intake of titanium dioxide increases the risk of inflammatory bowel operations and associated cancer. After a week, titanium dioxide can be detected in the immune cells of the intestinal mucosa. The number of special immune cells (T cells) that fight inflammation has been significantly reduced after a short period of time. After 100 days, it was not easy to identify a clear inflammation of the mucous membrane in the intestine, but it was also the first pre-tumor lesion (precursors).

Because of these properties and effects, when taken regularly in the diet, titanium dioxide not only increases susceptibility to colorectal cancer, but may also increase some autoimmune diseases, the researchers point out. As a result, the French government ordered an immediate investigation into the safety of E171.

Titanium dioxide promotes inflammation and promotes leakage in bowel syndrome
In July 2017, the results of the French researchers were reviewed by a team of Gerhard Rogler, gastroenterologist at the University Hospital of Zurich, confirmed. In Jut, the researchers wrote that titanium dioxide accumulates in the intestinal mucous membranes, then the inflammatory processes become more acute, contribute to an increase in the secretion of free radicals in the intestine and, as a result, a defect occurs in the barrier syndrome of the mucous membrane (intestinal leakage) or such an increase. . In addition, you can find a greater concentration of the material in the spleen, where it seems to be particularly happy to store.

When blood samples from patients with ulcerative colitis were examined, at first there was no clear titania. They were not even blood samples again during the batch that discovered high levels of titania.

Therefore, scientists doubt that titanium dioxide may cause an increase in people with inflammatory bowel disease. Of course, according to Rogler, the final evidence is still pending. However, the right patient is advised to avoid foods that contain titanium dioxide.

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