Hair loss due to iron deficiency

Iron deficiency is common, iron deficiency can lead to hair loss. It can lead to hair loss due to iron deficiency, even if typical symptoms such as iron deficiency anemia, fatigue, difficulty concentrating and blurred significantly. In case of hair loss, you should always check your metal supplies and think about iron deficiency. Because if the hair loss is due to an iron deficiency, the problem can be resolved quickly and the hair growth will resume soon.

Do you lose hair because you lack iron?
Full and healthy hair is an external sign of beauty and health. What to do when the hair is fuller?

First of all, it is important to look for the cause and know the nature of hair loss.

A possible cause of hair loss can be iron deficiency Radiantly Slim Because in many studies, a possible relationship between iron deficiency and hair loss is observed – even more frequently with low iron deficiency, even before the onset of typical iron deficiency symptoms, such as fatigue and stress.
In the case of hair loss, think about iron
Women need approximately 15 mg of iron, men approximately 10 mg of iron per day. In addition, humans lose approximately 2 mg of iron daily through various functions in the metabolism. Therefore, iron should be eaten every day.

A balanced diet with fresh salad, leafy greens and green leaf helps balance.

But green vegetables are often not eaten in particular. Anyone who avoids nuts, oil seeds, meat, foods rich in iron, or who can not only absorb a little iron due to food due to digestive problems, likes to suffer from iron deficiency.

Menstruation or pregnancy may increase the risk of iron deficiency in women.

Therefore, if iron deficiency is very rare, it can also be a potential cause for hair loss, checking for iron when the first sign of hair loss is an important measure.

Iron tests for hair loss
Normal iron levels in men are 50 to 160 micrograms per deciliter of blood. In women, health levels vary from 50 to 150 micrograms per deciliter of blood. If the values ​​are lower, they are called iron deficiency.

However, the iron values ​​can change depending on the shape of the day, so the values ​​of the ferrite should be measured better.

Ferritin is a form of iron storage. Only this value can also reveal creep, without hidden iron deficiencies, while other iron values ​​in this case are often not clear.

But even that acute iron deficiency can appear in hair loss.

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