Habba syndrome: what it is and what to do about it

What is a gift syndrome?
Heba syndrome is a term invented by Dr. It is based on the theory that functional diarrhea and diarrhea of ​​diarrhea (IBS-D) are universal terms for other medical conditions that can be diagnosed and treated individually.

According to Dr. Heba, a possible cause of the symptoms of functional diarrhea and IBS-D syndrome is impaired bladder.

Deficiency of the gallbladder that leads to a large keto fit premium amount of bile in the intestine (which in turn causes diarrhea) is known as Habba syndrome.

Why have not I heard about the love syndrome before?
Most likely, the main reason why you did not hear about Habba syndrome is because you do not recognize it as a disease. Currently, Dr. Heba’s observations are the subject of his 2011 study.

These observations include:

50% of cases treated by gastroenterologists are for most diarrheas (IBS-D) and functional diarrhea. These conditions constitute a significant proportion of the practice of primary care physicians as well.
98% of patients have a definitive diagnosis of Irritable Bowel Syndrome.
Sixty-eight percent of the patients studied had abnormalities in bile acids (or related) that could treat
98% of patients with red related cases associated with treatment showed a favorable response to treatment. This figure is significantly higher than the generally accepted response to symptoms in irritable bowel syndrome.
Is it a medical disease gift syndrome?
Bead syndrome is not recognized as a real medical disease. However, research has identified that bile acids play a role in some cases of IBS-D.

Bile acid diarrhea
Bile acid diarrhea (BAD) is a condition characterized by the excess of yellow acids in the colon.

While Hiba syndrome focuses on biliary dysfunction, BAD analyzes specific elements that can cause bile acid problems. These substances are produced in the liver and have a major function in the absorption of fat in the small intestine.

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