Dandelion juice is effective against dry skin

Dandelion juice against wrinkles
Dandelion juice is effective against dry skin and wrinkles, according to studies conducted by the University of Dermatology in Mannheim. Women who drank dandelion juice daily for a month showed a significant improvement in skin elasticity and hydration. According to scientists, even the daily consumption of 20 ml of medicinal plant juice leads to a remarkable improvement in the appearance of the skin. Although dandelion juice is available in natural food stores, it should be more effective than freshly squeezed dandelion, which can also be combined with other vegetables for a better flavor.

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Natural sun
Sun protection is very important. But sunlight too. The sun’s rays stimulate the production of vitamin D in our skin, which in turn can be frustrated by sunscreens. That is why it is important to find the gold mean. So, soak up the sun as much as you tolerate your skin. Then apply natural sunscreen and also increase the protection of the body from the sun to the skin from the inside, and completely without chemicals, as we know from the traditional sun.

Natural protection against sunburn.
Once a great coincidence occurs, a rare combination of sun and weekends occurs. We ended up spending a full day outdoors, enjoying the sun and enjoying life.

All this is good for our health, of course. The production of vitamin D is strengthened and the immune system is strengthened.

But above all, light and sensitive skin needs special care. Not only must it adapt slowly to the unknown sun, but it must also be protected from the sun in time at home and abroad.

Traditional sunscreens only focus on external protection and often contain questionable components that are not favored by the health conscious person on their skin.

However, natural oils, at least in the range of sun protection agents, can represent an interesting alternative and, above all, the usual sun protection products.

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