Causes and treatment of cramps in the lower back

There are many possible causes for cramping in the lower back, including poor posture, excessive use of muscles, sprains and strains. People with frequent or worsening contractions or pain should consult a doctor for an evaluation.
Colic in the lower back usually feels keto lux the muscles contract or move with force. However, it may also appear to be a dull pain in movement, acute pain in a certain place or any combination of these painful sensations. Some people also find that the pain radiating from the lower back radiates to other areas of the body, such as the hips or legs.

In this article, we analyze the causes of back spasm as well as prevention, diagnosis and first aid for symptoms and treatment.

A woman holds her back due to a low back spasm
The common causes of back cramps are weak, arthritis, strains and nerve damage.
The spasm of the lower back usually occurs due to infections or infections.

In some people, the cause may be something relatively simple, such as mild tension. In other people, the underlying condition can be seriously responsible, such as spinal disc or spinal cord rupture.

Some of the most common causes of lower back cramps include:

Bad situation
Poor posture, especially when sitting at the desk or in the car, can strain the back muscles. This can cause painful cramps. Some people can adjust their position to cope with seizures, which can make the pain worse.

Not doing enough exercise
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), almost 20% of adults in the United States spend enough time exercising.

It is common for people to spend most of the session or sit on the screen of a computer. Over time, this can weaken the muscles of the back and other areas of the body. The lower back can try to compensate for this weakness, which can cause painful muscle cramps.

The prolonged session can also cause muscle cramps due to muscle weakness and inflammation.

Excessive muscle and pain after exercise
Excessive use of any muscle can cause muscle cramps for a few days. Some people also suffer from post-exercise pain known as delayed muscle pain (DOMS). This is especially common when a person tries a new exercise.

Breeds and sprains
Torsion is a ligament injury, while tension is a rupture of the tendon or muscle. Both can cause muscle cramps and pain in the lower back. Increasing the area or falling is a common cause of sprains and strains.

Sometimes, excessive use of muscles can cause tension or torsion. These infections often heal by themselves, but they can be very painful for several weeks.

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