But in a comfortable lifestyle today

But in a comfortable lifestyle today, the Neanderthal gene is more than anyone. We Atiqin, we move a little and we feed ourselves so sooner or later in the blood vessels to restrictions and confusion. If the blood clots now caused an increasing tendency to clot, they can block one or the other of the blood vessels and cause a stroke, embolism, myocardial infarction and stroke.

Many modern humans should take anticoagulants at some point in their lives. As is the case in atrial fibrillation, coronary heart disease and peripheral vascular disease (PVK), and heart failure, already overcome myocardial infarction or stroke, heart valve failure or even if the use of artificial heart valve .

Anticoagulants: coumarin, heparin and AAS
The term of blood hides something thinner because the blood is not really a wash. The drugs only prevent the blood from clotting. However, the term “blood thinner” is also widely used in the vernacular language, and therefore easily understood by all, and we use it in this article, even if it is technically true.

Since the different processes of overlapping in blood clotting,  primalis rx  blood thinners can also reduce blood clotting through completely different mechanisms and thus make the blood thinner.

In Europe, most people are taking coumarin, and also called anti-vitamin K, because they have paralyzed the effects of vitamin K. Vitamin K is required in the body to form coagulation factors. If vitamin K has been banned now, it can not be the formation of blood coagulation factors and the blood becomes thinner, so it does not clot easily.

(Blood clotting factors are internal proteins can special, under certain circumstances (for example, in the case of injury), change the condition of the fluid to solid and therefore make the blood that is in the places and training of blood clots.)

It manages a group of antagonists of vitamin K global warfarin (which is commercially warfarin ®) and warfarin, which is more in the United States to work. Not available in Switzerland. In Germany it is sold under the name of Coumadin®.

Other characteristics of the blood are heparin, which is usually injected or implanted. If you have been running and received the so-called Baltgelt preventive injection after the operation, it is likely to be heparin. Heparin different from anti-vitamin K. It works to accelerate the work of auto anticoagulants (antithrombin).

But you can also eat ASA (like aspirin) to relieve blood. Working blood thinning group of this inhibition of platelet function, so that it can no longer be assembled too.

Direct oral anticoagulants
A relatively new group of anticoagulant medications is called direct oral anticoagulants. These blood fluids directly prevent coagulation factors. Although not only have they been circulating since 2008, they are being described frequently.

Blutverdünner – billions market despite side effects
Include direct rivaroxaban oral anticoagulants, an anticoagulant and more Bayer book sales. It is in the market, such as Xarelto® and brings the present, Bayer € 2 billion a year, but not without controversy.

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