Bananas for breakfast

Bananas for breakfast
If you see, bananas can have a wonderful breakfast, and the arguments presented here do not have hands or feet. Whether you eat bananas on your own or with cereal or yogurt, it’s up to you. Of course, pay attention to personal impotence and avoid the fruits of mature sugar in large quantities. In general, fruits in diabetes are not only a problem, but are highly recommended.

To which we must pay attention when buying bananas, we have explained here.

To show:
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Black lemon juice: Black lemon juice

There is black lemon juice in the trade, which is black because it contains black currants. But recently, soft drinks are black because coal is a stopper. The trend comes as usual in the United States. Therefore, theĀ Keto blast activated carbon in the lemon juice is also in the juices or in the juices, because they must be healthy. Drink black lemonade to lose weight and detoxify. Do these drinks really detoxify? Can you lose weight if you drink black lemon juice every day?

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