A diet high in protein increases the risk of diabetes

Diets rich in protein are very Rapid Tone Diet popular, especially when it comes to losing weight. However, a study from the University of Washington in St. Louis, USA. UU., Shows that the health benefits associated with the prevention of diabetes, which are generally caused by weight loss, are reversed by the high protein diet. A diet rich in proteins is worth it, according to the study, so in terms of health, not necessarily.

A diet high in protein increases the risk of diabetes

High protein diets are not recommended
A high protein diet is often practiced to lose weight. You think you do something good with an extra portion of protein. You want to suppress any feeling of hunger or prevent possible muscle degradation during the diet.

Actually, you can lose weight Rapid Tone shark tank very well with this diet, but not much better than a low protein diet.

However, many people not only lose weight and make it more attractive, but they also become healthier, to prevent diseases or to alleviate the suffering of illness and discomfort.

A high protein diet eliminates the benefits of weight loss
However, in a study of 34 women after menopause, all of whom are overweight, according to researchers at the University of Washington School of Medicine, St. Louis, that protein consumption eliminates one of the main benefits for menopause. health that may already result from weight loss of insulin sensitivity, which is very important to eliminate the risk of diabetes.

Women who used a high-protein diet to lose weight did not enjoy the same health benefits as women who ate less protein, said Dr. Bettina Mitendorfer, the study’s lead researcher.

The results were published on October 11, 2016 in Cell Magazine.

Diets high in protein are not suitable for the prevention of diabetes
We observed that women who rejected a high protein diet could not be exposed to improvements in insulin sensitivity. ”

Even Dr. Mitendorfer, professor of medicine.

Women who lost weight on a low protein diet were more sensitive to insulin at the end of their studies. This is very important because in many obese people and their weight, insulin can no longer control blood sugar levels, which can eventually end in type 2 diabetes. ”

Insulin sensitivity is a good sign for a person’s metabolic health. Usually, this marker improves in weight loss. In this investigation, the following dramatic result was revealed:

Participants, 50 to 65 years old, with a BMI of at least 30 and still without diabetes, were divided into three groups. The study lasted 28 weeks. In the control group, women were asked to maintain their weight. In another group, women received a diet to lose weight. Among other things, they consumed 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight. For example, if a woman weighs 90 kilograms, she gets 72 grams of protein per day.

The third group received a diet high in protein, also to lose weight. These women received 1.2 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight.

Regardless of the amount of protein, the diet was almost identical in all three groups.

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